Working with people from cross cultural backgrounds


India is emerging as a world leader in the outsourcing industry. In the last few decades, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of companies and startups that cater outsourcing solutions to the external world. Let us take the Information Technology domain. The software development industry mainly relies on taking projects outsourced mainly from the United states of America, European countries, Australia, Middle east and rest of the world.

As a professional dealing with clients who are from a culturally different background, communication with your customer holds prime importance in maintaining a healthy relation. It is very important to follow the right etiquettes while communicating with the customer. For that, it is very important to know briefly about the customer’s country and culture.

As a professional who had successfully worked with customers from different nationalities and cultures, I will list out
few points I keep in mind to keep a good relation.

Knowing the customer– Take time to have an open talk with the customer, to know each other. Explain about your lifestyle, culture, specialities and festivals of your country to them. This will be an ice breaker for both sides

Reply to customer’s messages and email on time– Make it as a practice to reply to customers emails and queries as early as possible. If you find some emails needs a bit more time to research and reply, it is always better to acknowledge the receipt of customers email and let them know that you will get back soon with a reply.

Don’t ask too much personal things– It is always advisable not to ask too much about customers personal life initially. You can ask them once you gel with the customer and you feel that they will take in the right spirit and reply.

Always keep in mind about time difference– Please be aware of the time difference between you and customer. Make the best use of the overlapping time with the customer to get your queries answered. When scheduling an appointment, always ask for his availability by specifying the time in his timezone.

Be proactive– Most customers like people proactively taking responsibility and come up with solutions

Make a friendly bond with the customer– It is always good to ask questions like how was your weekend/ what are your plans for this weekend to maintain a good rapport with the customer

Try to have a visit to customers office– This will make you understand how they work and how they want you to work for them.

Updating about your work to the customer– It is a good practice to send an email to the customer about your work done for the day so that he may well informed about the project development

Always follow the golden rule “CUSTOMER IS THE KING“.

I really hope these points will help my readers to make a better relation with their customers.

Image Courtsey: Respective owners.


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