How well you get updated with new technologies as a software engineer?


How well you get updated with new technologies as a software engineer? This is the striving factor for every software engineer to move along with the changes in technological trends in the software development market.

The world is changing day by day and so is the technology market. For every technology, there is a period of boom in the market and for a successful software engineer it is to identify the right technology and get updated on the same and make most of it both technically and financially. As a software engineer, we all work for our living. So to become a prominent name in the technologies you use/ work, you must foresee the new trends in the market.

Here are some of the tips I put forward to keep up with the emerging trends in technology market:

  • Research on the web for new trends in your preferred domain
  • Be an active participant in different user groups of your liking and get updated
  • Network with the masters in emerging technologies
  • Get deeper as you can into new technologies at the right time
  • Try to become a contributor to some groups
  • Do some research on the technology and write a small article on your understanding on your blog
  • Be active in communities like codeproject, stack overflow and other discussion forums
  • Follow prominent technological personalities twitter handle
  • Attend events hosted by the companies that create new technologies
  • Have a weekly discussion with your peer team mates on new trends in market
  • Suggest new technologies to your project
  • Look at the trends in technology market as published by different survey agencies in the internet
  • Always have the fire to explore new horizons in technology

What really matters is your attitude and passion towards exploring new technologies. If you have the passion and love what you do, you will stay in this fast growing environment with ease. Try to be the master of what you do. Everything else will automatically follow.

Happy programming 🙂


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